Monday, November 28, 2011

Snapshots: Module #2

As I was maneuvering around Dr. Z’s place, I found that movement could be simplified by using the jump, run and flying modes.  Getting used to jumping through floors and windows was something new, and I found myself guessing if each movement would even work. I became stuck on the trampoline for awhile and had to use the flying movement to get off of it. 

What is frustrating to me is how my computer is running slower with this program. I keep pushing a motion button when it doesn't move right away, but when it kicks in, my avatar goes crazy! I was stuck in a wall for 5 minutes before I teleported back to Dr. Z's place. Is this why humans don't fly? 

Here are some photos of my Iowa Island adventures:

 I finally got on the roof!

 Stuck in some sort of statue!

My avatar drowning because I can't figure out the "up" button! Clearly I need to work on flying!


  1. Good photos.

    Looks like you are having the sun set on you. SL days are about 4 hours. If things are darker than you wish, go to World and select Sun. You will be able to change the day to your favorite time.


  2. Oh good to know! I'll play around with the settings!