Monday, November 28, 2011

Actions in Second Life: Module 3

Sometimes the simplest tasks take the most time! In module 3 of Second Life, I spent more than the average user time trying to pick up and move a beach ball. Motions are still pretty rough for me, though this was an interesting exercise to practice our skills. After seeing avatars play an instrument in the module 1 video, I thought this would be easy. This is just not true. Even walking is difficult at times! For someone who has not played many video games, this exercise was very difficult to complete. 

The module offered a lot of helpful information and once I remember it, then I think my experience in Second Life will be all the more enjoyable. Creating or acquiring assets still confuses me a little, but I'll learn. Second Life does offer many extra means of entertainment such as music concerts, plays and videos. This will be interesting to try out in the Second Life world.

Starting a video in Second Life is as easy as a wave of a hand.

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  1. I still have probs with moving the beach ball too. You will get it soon.