Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Changing appearance and avatars: Module 4

In module 4 of our Second Life expedition, we covered different ways to change the appearance of our avatar and creating completely new avatars.  Second Life gives you the opportunity to change things such as height and weight and hair color in a snap. As you make these changes, you save them as outfits to be used or switched out as desired at any time.
I found this module to be easier than the last one that involved using my avatar to move and/or purchase objects. I don’t have to move my avatar around while doing this and I can be as creative as I want to be. Here is a photo of the before and after shots of my avatar and changes to her appearance.

My before avatar (looks kinda like me)

 My after punk-avatar

The next step in the process of change was to create a whole new avatar. Once created, you can switch from avatar to avatar as the situation or need may arise. Here is a photo of my new avatar.


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  1. You look good as a blond but I LOVE the lightbulb hair style.