Monday, November 28, 2011

Second Life Intro: Module 1

For our latest technological experiences in Emerging Instructional Technologies class, we are using Second Life. Our initial task is to create an avatar to complete 7 quests within Second Life's virtual world. As we have been focusing on gaming within education for the past few modules, this will be an interesting project. 

Second Life is open to anyone and is used to communicate and interact with others online. Though some landmarks in the virtual world are based off of real things, many are made up or represent a different time period. Second Life does not have to be just for communication, but also for learning. Many schools are using Second Life as a virtual school where students can actually visit such places as the pyramids or experience flying. 

At this point, I am beginning my exploration into Second Life and the module set. My avatar mostly represents me, but I found that I can waste a lot of time changing outfits and hair color. Right now, the most difficult part is moving. I’m using the arrow keys on my keyboard as suggested, yet sometimes my avatar simply won’t move. I hope this will be cleared up soon as I continue with my modules. I’ve had no interaction with others yet, but assume this will change as I proceed with the assignments.

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