Thursday, December 8, 2011

Module #7: Part 2

Come visit my Great Gardens Tour in Second Life.

1. Da Vinci Gardens
Visit here to buy photos or paintings. See the lava erupting from the mountain and gardens all around.
2. Gardens of Absentia
Come play beach volleyball! Visitors can place a lantern in the water in remembrance of a loved one with cancer.

3. Karuna Underwater & Tropical Gardens
 Underwater world with free plants and sea monkeys- if you can catch them!
4. Walking Gardens, Quordlepleen
 Winter wonderland with snow, boating and the occasional moose or reindeer.

5. Sweetpea Gardens
 Come play the piano or on the swings. Listen to music.
6. Gardens of Sabu
 Multicolored horses and weeping willows cover this island of "samurai" gardens.
7. Bridges, Swings & Gardens
 A garden of bridges and huts lead you from garden to garden.
8. Forest Floor
 Earth crystals and detailed flowers cover this island.
9. Cave Rua Water Gardens
 These gardens offer extensive coral reef and starfish to see.

10. Catch a Falling Star Jazz Club & Gardens
 Walk among the falling stars and or swim in the luxurious pool and use the divingboards or floaties

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  1. Great tour. This is now available Inside and Outside of SL.