Thursday, December 8, 2011

Module #5: Island Tours

For Module #5, I chose to take the Ancient Civilizations tour within Second Life. Here was my itinerary:
Apollonian Empire:
The creator made it an option to actually swim in the pools. This was fun until I realized I was stuck in there as there were no flying options at this site. I finally managed to get out and see what the island offered. I liked the architecture and how it differed each place I went.
The Hittite Empire:
This sunny island proved to offer many options for clothing and entertainment, but the island was deserted.  I found more to do at the next destination- Museum Island.
Museum Island:
Museum Island had a ancient Rome feel to it and was an interesting place to see ancient obelisks and statues.
Roma- The Roman Market:
The Roman market proved to be more interesting sights such as wishing wells and carriages and the Baths of Caracalla.
Blues in the Night:
The Delta project was less eventful. Aside from some mountains and a view, there was not much to do here.
The other stops along this tour either provided broken links, or they were unavailable for transport. Moving around these areas differed in the ways you could move. Most places did not let visitors fly, but did add other movements such as swimming.

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  1. Great photos, MegBeg,

    Sorry that some of it didn’t work for you.

    Did you try searching to see if you found anything to replace the stuff that didn't work?

    Here are some SLurls for Egypt in SL

    You can search in SL but I have even found that I can sometimes find things on the Web that link into SL with a SLurl.

    Sorry for the deadends.